(Squeak is a free open source Smalltalk-80 system)

Updates as of 2000-11-26

This provisional page allows you to access the updates for Squeak 2.9a-2988 as compiled by myself. [Update: The current version of Squeak is 3.1a-3611 so most changes are only of history value] Most of them are collected from submissions to the Squeak mailing list; the others are done by myself.

These are older updates probably only of historic value as most of them are already included in the current system.

Please note: The numbering scheme is mine and not related to the Squeak Central's system. The changes 001-178 have been mostly, but not completely, integrated into the current 2.8 version of Squeak - however I lost track which ones exactly are missing. There are no updates 179-200, I stopped collecting updates for a few months and now decided to restart with 201.

New Look

I started to create a new look for MVC. Click here to see some screenshots. Once I've cleaned up my code, I'll post a changeset here.

a screenshot

Regular Expressions

As mentioned on the mailing list, here is a link to a port of Vassili Bykov's Regular Expression classes for Squeak.


Conquest is a strategic SF war game. I converted it from an old C source I found on an AMIGA PD disk (Fish disk #24 I think). I tried to keep the console-mode spirit. I also didn't spend much time to make it truely object-oriented, it's one big game class plus a few smaller helper classes.

a screenshot

You can download Conquest here. I release it under the GPL license.

Even if you don't like this kind of games, you might be interested in the ConsoleMorph implementation with a curses-like interface, a crude printf() implementation and a cool blinking cursor ;-)


Some time ago, I started to implement a Python parser in Squeak. Here is the code which I release under the GPL license. It's based on the specification of Python 1.4 and even the parser is incomplete as I never had the time to finish it.

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